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McBride & McCreesh Opticians

is an independent practice

managed by Brendan McCreesh and his team

Keeping your eyes healthy is our priority. We continually invest in specialised training for our team and we use the latest technology to deliver outstanding diagnostic eyecare. With a team of two experienced opticians and four trained optical assistants, we are able to investigate the most challenging eye conditions and prescriptions.

We're members of the following associations:

Dr Brendan McCreesh

Ph.D BSc MCOptom

Brendan has over 25 years experience as an optician. He attends numerous research meetings yearly, and has a particular interest in macular degeneration and OCT imaging. In 2004, Brendan gained his Ph.D at the Royal Victoria Hospital, researching the effects of diabetes on the eye.

Danielle Flanagan

BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Danielle joined McBride & McCreesh Opticians in 2021, having previously worked in an independent practice in Dublin for a number of years. She has a particular interest in myopic management, using both spectacle lenses and contact lenses to slow down the progression of myopia in children.

Florence McCaffrey

Optical Assistant

With over 40 years working in McBride and McCreesh Opticians she is the most experienced member of our team. She always greets people with a warm smile and pleasant demeanor. Florence has an encyclopedic memory for names and faces, and always strives to please everyone who comes to McBride and McCreesh Opticians.

Louise Jackson

Opticial Assistant

Louise has been a valued member of staff here for over 18 years. She has a wealth of knowledge to help guide you and is always on hand to help out. You can be guaranteed she will always have a smile on her face to greet you when you arrive.

Shannon Burke

Opticial Assistant

Shannon is one of our newest members of staff. She has a keen eye for the latest trends and has a real flair for selecting the most fashionable frames for the practice so you can try them out.

Róisín Carney

Róisín is also a new member of staff here at McBride and McCreesh. She works in the background completing the administrative work for the practice, as well as helping out at the front desk

Our chosen charity is

Vision Aid Overseas


Vision Aid Overseas Logo

Our chosen charity is Vision Aid Overseas. This organisation exists so that “children in Africa who can’t see can learn and get an education, and adults who can’t see can earn to support their families and contribute to their communities”.

For more information about the charity’s work, please visit their website and read testimonials from children and adults who have benefited from the services provided by Vision Aid Overseas.

Visit their website

Their mission

To enable people living in poverty to access affordable glasses and eye care.

Recycle your old glasses

at McBride & McCreesh Opticians

At McBride & McCreesh Opticians, we collect old spectacles, which are then recycled to extract precious metals. Income received from recycling is then used to provide much-needed funds to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas.
We would be grateful if you could dig out any old glasses that have been tucked away in a drawer, or which are no longer in use, and bring them to our practice.

Our aim is to collect over 1000 pairs of glasses. The funds raised will enable opticians to visit outreach centres in Africa to examine eyes and dispense glasses.

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