Over 40’s Eye Care

During the fourth decade of life many people experience their reading vision becoming increasingly blurred, often stating ‘I have to hold the paper further back to read’. This phenomenon is known as ‘presbyopia’ and affects everyone eventually, even those who have always had good vision.If you think you are affected by presbyopia, do not panic, simply contact Brady Opticians on 074 9721727 to book at eye examination.

Throughout the process, our experienced opticians are here to help, giving honest impartial advice on the best eyewear solution for your lifestyle, whether that be glasses or contact lenses. Furthermore, as an independent optician, we are able to source practically any frame or contact lens in the marketplace.

What Are My Options?

People with presbyopia often require two separate pairs of glasses, one for looking in the distance and a separate pair for near tasks. It can be frustrating having to change your glasses every time you want to glance in the distance while performing a near task, such as when using a computer or reading a menu.

People who wear spectacles full time often wear bifocals, where there is a segment in their glasses, which they look through for near tasks. Varifocals, (sometimes called multifocals), are another option where the power, and hence the distance to which the glasses focus, changes progressively as the person looks through different positions on the lens.

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For more details and to discuss contact lenses and glasses as methods for correcting your presbyopia please contact Brady Opticians on 074 9721727