Our Charity Work

Our chosen charity is Vision Aid Overseas. This organisation exists so that “children in Africa who can’t see can learn and get an education, and adults who can’t see can earn to support their families and contribute to their communities”. Their mission is to “to enable people living in poverty to access affordable glasses and eye care” (Vision Aid Overseas, 2017).

They fulfil their mission in a number of ways:

By organising professional eye care volunteers to use their expertise.
By developing the competence of local and national institutions through training, education and developing infrastructure for the supply of affordable glasses.

Providing additional capability to local agencies in the delivery of eye care directly to patients.

For more information about the charity’s work, please visit their website and read testimonials from children and adults who have benefited from the services provided by Vision Aid Overseas.

Recycle Your Old Glasses at McBride and McCreesh Opticians

At McBride and McCreesh Opticians, we collect old spectacles, which are then recycled to extract precious metals. Income received from recycling is then used to provide much-needed funds to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas.

We would be grateful if you could dig out any old glasses that have been tucked away in a drawer, or which are no longer in use, and bring them to our practice on Darling Street in Enniskillen.

Our aim is to collect over 1000 pairs of glasses before the end of December 2017. These will then be sent off to Vision Aid Overseas for recycling, and the funds raised will enable opticians to visit outreach centres in Africa to examine eyes and dispense glasses.

For further information please call McBride and McCreesh Opticians on 028 66322524.