Free second pair of Essilor Crizal UV lenses

are now available at Brady Opticians

As stockists of Essilor in Donegal we now provide a free pair of Crizal UV protective lenses when you buy a new frame at Brady Opticians. Your free lenses in your second pair can be prescription sunglasses or varifocal lenses.

There are many different things to consider when choosing the right lenses for your new glasses. Possibly the most important is your lifestyle and what you use your glasses for. Once you have chosen your glasses from our wide range of frames we will help you choose the best vision lenses that suit your needs.

Choose from two types of lenses, Crizal Sapphire UV or Crizal Prevencia lenses. Crizal Sapphire UV lenses deliver great precision for optimal vision and appearance (your glasses will have fewer reflections). Crizal Prevencia lenses selectively filter harmful blue-violet light emitted from devices and computer screens and provides optimal UV protection.

Crizal UV protective lenses offer your superior vision and protection giving you many benefits such as:

  • Protection against blue light reflection,
  • UV protection (E-SPF 35 which is the highest E-SPF available in clear lenses),
  • Smudge repellent making it easier to clean smudges from your glasses,
  • Scratch resistance which is an additional coating on your lenses, guaranteed for two years,
  • Water repellent so that your lenses will stay clear even when raining,
  • Dust repellent for clearer vision and easier to clean your lenses.

So whether it is enhanced lens aesthetics or superior eye health protection you are looking for, call in store and we will help you find the right lenses for your new frames. Not only that, your second pair of Crizal UV lenses will be free!