Childrens Vision

We understand the importance of taking care of your eyes from an early age, which is why children’s vision is one of our specialities.

Our eye care starts from the beginning
During the first twelve years of our lives, as much as 80% of learning is accomplished through our vision. Yet research has shown that one in five children, have an undetected vision problem. Without professional help, it’s difficult for children to identify and communicate any eye problems.

Children’s eyes have a degree of plasticity up until the age of seven, which means certain potentially permanent issues can be resolved if they are caught early enough. Certain eye conditions can cause permanent damage if not caught early, so we are committed to testing and monitoring children’s ocular health and vision as early as possible.

How Do I Know If My Child Has a Problem with Their Sight?
There can be a number of signs to look out for:

Sitting too close to the TV
Having difficulty copying things from the board at school
Frustrated when reading
Closing or covering one eye
Poor handwriting
Screwing up eyes or frowning to see
Rubbing eyes and blinks a lot
Complaining that things are blurry or hard to see
Short attention span, gazing out of the window
Frequently losing place when reading
Skipping words or whole lines of text

At what age and how often should my child have their eyes examined?
All children’s eye tests are FREE with the NHS and we can examine your child’s eyes no matter how young they are. Our specialised testing equipment means that if your child does not know the alphabet, or perhaps lacks in confidence, we can use alternative tests to enable us to examine their eyes accurately.

The UK National Screening Committee recommends that full screening by an optician should begin at age four to five years. After the first test it is advisable to return every year or as recommended by your optician. It is particularly important if Mum or Dad wear glasses.

Glasses for Children
If your child requires vision correction, we’ll make the process easy, comfortable and even enjoyable for your child. A FREE range of children’s glasses are available under the NHS optical voucher scheme. We also stock a full range of children’s designer and specialised frames made from lightweight titanium or memory metal with sprung sides. There is also the option of having thinner, more lightweight and reflection-free lenses fitted to your child’s glasses, to further improve the quality of your child’s vision.

Contact Lenses for Children
Contact lenses are a popular choice for children playing sports such as football, tennis and rugby. We have extensive experience in fitting younger patients with contact lenses. Along with conducting the test, providing the prescription and supplying the lenses, we will also help ensuring you and your child are comfortable with inserting, removing and caring for them.

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