Hay Fever and Your Eyes 

Besides making you miserable, hay fever can affect your performance at work or school and generally interfere with your life especially if you’re outdoors.

Polarised and non-polarised sunglasses, so what’s the difference?   

Have you ever worn sunglasses only to find yourself still squinting? This is because sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness not glare. 

The best ways to find the right glasses for you 

Glasses don’t need to be something you just stick on your face to see better but something you can use to express yourself. Glasses can be something that you need as well as want.  

Increased screen use by children are more likely to be shortsighted

Coronavirus is remaking the way children learn and play. Classes by Zoom, homework apps and using a screen to babysit while parents work can be a necessary evil while schools remain shut. Now experts are reporting an increase in short-sightedness in kids.......

Question: How should you look after your eyes?    Answer: Get regular tests.  

Everybody should have regular eye examinations at least once every two years or once a year if you have diabetes. During a comprehensive eye exam your optician can observe and evaluate the health and condition of the blood vessels in your eyes.......

How to Avoid Foggy Glasses when Wearing a Face Mask 

If you wear glasses, it’s fairly likely that you will have noticed when wearing your mask your lenses fog up.....

Ways to Avoid Make-up from Harming Your Eyes

Ladies, when you walk into a beauty shop or your local beauticians, do you request a clean brush to test the make-up or lipstick or do you use what has already been used? Do you share the same brush for your make-up or the same lipstick or lip gloss with your friends? How often do you clean the brushes you use? Do you check your product expiry date?

Driving safely at night

If bright headlights and glare bother you when you drive at night, you’re not alone. This can become a bigger concern while driving at night when low lighting can result in poor vision.

Teenager loses sight as eating disorder leads to malnutrition

People are eating less than half of the recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables and it could be just a matter of time when we see more cases like that in the UK where a teenager went blind due to deficiencies in his diet.

How do I know if my child has a problem with their vision?

During the first twelve years of our lives as much as eighty percent of learning is accomplished through our vision. Yet research has shown that one in five children have an undetected vision problem.