We want to ensure that you leave our practice happy and confident in your newly found freedom from glasses. After fitting your lenses, our commitment to your vision doesn’t end there. We run contact lens aftercare clinics, which are essential to ensure that you get the best out of wearing your contact lenses.

At the Brady Opticians aftercare clinic, the optician will check:

  1. your vision and the health of the front of your eyes
  2. your contact lens prescription, to ensure that your current lenses are still the best lenses for you, and that you are cleaning and disinfecting or discarding your lenses correctly

Please don’t forget…

  1. It is important to wear your contact lenses to your check-up
  2. Ideally, you should have worn your lenses for a minimum of two hours prior to your appointment
  3. Bring your lens case and glasses with you, just in case they are needed

In general, these check-ups are usually required every 6 to 12 months depending on how often you wear your contact lenses. We will advise you when you need to return for an appointment, based on your individual needs.  Contact lenses seldom cause serious eye complications. However, changes to the eye can occur in contact lens wearers without any symptoms or the wearer noticing anything. In such cases, without regular check-ups, serious damage could occur to the eyes.

Remember if your eyes look red or feel uncomfortable, or if your vision becomes blurred, remove your contact lenses and contact Brady Opticians immediately on 074 9721727 or contact us by filling in the form below, even if you are not due for a check-up.